Sunday, September 26, 2010

times of change

It's the start of the fall, and nowhere else does nature announce change with such unrestrained flourish.

Already a few trees are carrot-tops, in a few days the whole belt will be aflame in red, yellow and orange. (oh, what a sight that will be !). A sight to be treasured, for half a month later all that remain are gaunt tree trunks with bare branches, standing as sentinels - silent, unmoving, with not so much as a flutter to acknowledge the raging northern wind.

The few gulls at the bottom of the pic will probably linger around, but will be lost among the thousands of snow geese that will descend on the lake, hibernating from northern Canada, transforming the lake - from a placid mirror, to a cacophony of frenzied activity.

Picture this: In the heart of the winter, over the nearly frozen surface, a white cloud of birds takes flight against the background of the silent sentinels.

A picture that makes it a trip to look forward to.

Seasons change, but each brings with itself new wonders. The amazement never ends.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

i ♥ nyc

Went museum-hopping this weekend.

Ended up admiring more than the exhibits.